Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Makaha Mango Tasting

Whole Foods, which generally carries Hayden mangoes from Makaha Mangoes, recently had a few more varieties available: Mapulehu, Gouveia and Pope. I recently interviewed Mark Suiso, of Makaha Mangoes, who said, "Whenever we do these mango tasting and displays, we have a whole array of different types of varieties. There’s hundreds of varieties that are available here in Hawaii. Thousands if you look around the world…we can essentially rival the wine tasters out there, tasting all these exotic wines. We can do that with mangoes as well." So, I was eager to try my own mango tasting.

Mapulehu: the point at the base makes this mango visually distinctive. It was also the most distinctive tasting of all the mangoes, with a floral, slightly grassy hint. Texture was almost creamy.

Gouveia: perhaps this one was a little less ripe than the others--it was firmer and slightly tart, almost like an apple crossed with a mango.

Pope: very, very sweet and creamy.

All of them were low in fiber (no flossing afterwards!), with a very thin, flat seed so that I could almost cut the mango in half before hitting the seed. In the end, though, they all tasted distinctly, well, mango-y and I don't know that I would really choose one variety over the other in a store. They're all good, really good.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

MA‘O CSA in colors

from top to bottom: pickled carrots (in orange, purple, and white), radishes with radish top pesto, beets, dino kale, Easter egg radishes, tangerines, collard greens

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